How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 1



How to select a perfect color combination is indeed a difficult task if you have no experience with colors and you are not a web designer. Nonetheless, having a basic knowledge of how certain types of colors can help your website look professional and extremely legible is very important for all kinds of web publishers, from the noivice to the more experienced type.


Here's the issue: despite being infinite color combinations that you can create and use in your designs, the human eye really perceives only a few of them as "harmonic". But how can you find these "harmonies"?

There is a growing number of online tools and software designed to do just that: find a set of colors that go well together and that make your website look perfectly readable and enjoyable to browse.

These color matching tools are very simple to use: you simply start by choosing a base color and in just a few seconds the tool will display some possible color matches and / or propose alternatives that you might want to consider.

What is more, these tools will generally provide you with the HEX, HTML or RGB codes that represent each color so that you don't have to guess how to reproduce it inside Photoshop, but you know precisely what color you want to use in your designs.

Just remember: even if you have killer content on your website, if you welcome your readers with a eye-hurting color scheme, there are really good chances these people will drift away and never come back.

Here my personal list of the best tools on the web to find your perfect color scheme:


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AureoColor is a color management software for Windows machines only by which you can create perfect color combinations to help you with your design works.

To find color matches using AureoColor, you can count on five options for color selection: two different color wheels, gradients, basic colors and web safe colors selector. You can add up to 20 colors to a single palette. The service captures on-screen colors and keeps a history database of the colors you captured inside an HTML file that you can share with other AureoColor users. Other features include: RGB mixer, color coding in HTML, RGB, Flash and Tcolor, unlimited palettes, color combine room to test different schemes for one project.

Price: $29.90

Color Fitting

Color Fitting is a color matching software (Windows only) which allows you to find good color combinations to use on your website. The software also lets you match the colors of pictures and drawings and apply textures to your projects.

To find the perfect color match, just select a base color and create a color scheme by using color proofers (separate screens where you can test different color schemes) that provide you with different color combinations. You can also make adjustments to the base color by right-clicking over the selected tone or using the arrows on your keyboard. As an extra, the Color Pie functionality allows you to check how a reduced number of colors from your palette would work together by dragging and dropping these colors to a testing board. A trial version is available for 15 days.

Price: $9.95

Hex Color Scheme Generator

Hex Color Scheme Generator provides an online color matching tool to help you find out the perfect color scheme for your site.

To combine colors using Hex Color Scheme Generator, all you have to do is to click in any area of the color wheel or type the HEX value in the form beside the wheel and the tool will generate three additional complementary colors that match the original one of your choice.

Price: Free.

Infohound Color Schemer

Infohound Color Schemer is an online color combinations tool that helps you experiment with various color schemes for web design purposes.

To find the perfect color matches for your needs, just click around inside the shaded box to set the saturation and brightness of your main color, or within the rainbow to set the hue. You can also enter a specific HEX value into one of the boxes. When you are finished, the service will provide you with a set of five harmonious colors that complement the original color you selected.

Price: Free.

Chroma Share Smart Client

Chroma Share Smart Client is a color matching and color management desktop software that you can download and use to find harmonious color combinations for your web projects.

With the PaletteShare functionality you can measure, save, search, edit and share color palettes and libraries of colors by importing color formats with a drag and drop operation. Then, you can use the advanced search tools provided to find the perfect color match either for a single color or for a whole palette in one go. Another feature of Chroma Share Smart Client allows you to create fully indexed palette reports, which are also exportable as PDFs or Excel documents.

Price: For information on prices and downloads, please contact:

Generate It! Color Scheme Generator

Generate It! Color Scheme Generator is an HTML and RGB color matching tool that will save you precious time in evaluating good color combinations to use on your site.

Simply start by specifying the main color by entering red green and blue values between 0 and 255 or by entering a HEX value for the color code. Then adjust the saturation of your color and the tool will return a set of matching colors ready to use.

Price: Free.




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