How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 12




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ColorPicker is an online color matching tool that allows you to find te perfect color scheme for your website in a few steps.

Simply select a color from the selection square or fine-tune your selection by providing the HEX code of your desired color and by adjusting saturation, hue and brightness to display exactly the color you have in mind. Then generate a color scheme choosing among these options: complementary, triad, tetrade or analogic.

Price: Free.

Atalasoft Color Schemer

Atalasoft Color Schemer is a web-based tool that helps you find perfect color schemes starting from your own photographs.

You simply have to upload an image from your computer and the tool will analyze all the colors present inside the image and then provide you with a color scheme with the HEX values of all colors found. Additionally, you can also click anywhere on the image and find the precise value of a single color.

Price: Free.


WorkWithColor is a multi-faceted color matching website with many useful applications to help you choose your ideal website color combinations.

Tools such as Color Picker display HEX, HTML, HSL and RGB values by clicking on a rainbow color wheel. You can adjust luminance, saturation and hue to create custom color schemes or apply one of ten pre-defined color scheme options. Select from 16 different base colors and convert to HEX, CIE, CMYK and other popular colors systems. To find the perfect matching colors, reference the helpful link showing color names sorted by hue and luminance values.

Price: Free.

Magic Matching Color

Magic Matching Color is a color combinations software tool that you can download (32 bits, Windows only) and use to find the perfect color match for web design purposes. You can try a free version of Magic Matching Color for 30 days.

Simply start by selecting the main color using three sliders that represent the RGB color scheme. Then, Magic Matching Color will present you with six resulting color combinations. If you choose to work with one of the new generated colors, just click on the color and promote it to a main one, thus creating a new group of five other color matches. When finished, you can export the final color in an HTML code to use on your website.

Price: $12.95


How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Read More

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2009-10-09 03:50:50


Hi Robin! Im very thankful for all this info you provide. Its very helpful. Im looking forward for your next post.

2009-01-28 00:18:44

Mike Wofsey

Hi Robin, I manufacture a color tool which I (humbly) think is the best there is. It has a full CMYK color wheel, a color map with hundreds of tints and variations, a color directory with "street" names for colors and cmyk formula, and finally an emotional color guide that shows the emotional impact of colors in the spectrum along with two, three and four color matching combinations. The tool is called the Galaxy Color Map Pro, and you can see an image of it here: http:www.galaxygauge.comcolor.html and if you look at the bottom of the description you can load a full-page image of it. Also, I think the price is right. Thanks for the excellent articles. I bought a Canon FS100 on the strength of your review, and it is a terrific camera.

2008-04-01 04:00:09

Giovani Spagnolo

Hi Robin :-) Here are some more interesting color tools I am using for our prototypes: http:www.wellstyled.comtoolscolorscheme2index-en.html http:www.colorjack.comstudio# And a color checker to see how disabled people look at your sites: http:www.vischeck.comvischeckvischeckURL.php Cheers, Giovani

2007-12-02 18:19:03


I have found the links in the article to be broken. Can someone advise me if the Andrew Mundi website is still active???

2007-05-18 10:23:05

J.A. Dalman

Make color matching simple by using Tintbook. Predict CMYK color with confidence for your printing projects by using the pre-printed formulas that work with ALL graphic design software. Pages with vital color viewing and color management material are found throughout each volume. Graphic Designers and Printers are calling Tintbook a lifesaver.

2007-03-26 01:20:45

Rachit Dayal

Great article there Robin. Actually I have something to add to your findings ... One of the challenges I have with color-wheel based applications is that the generated colors are bright and outstanding. While that's great for highlights ... that's not so good for backgrounds and object coloring (where more natural colors please the eye more). If I may offer an alternative, one of my clients has developed a tool that tends to explore more mild, harmonious colors and palettes. And I think exploration of more "natural" alternatives is more useful for designers than color wheel suggestions. For color enthusiasts, the tool is free and available at thanks for listening to my rant ... hehe :)

2007-01-28 02:16:57


Hey gr8 info man... especially the was cool... I mean the second link

2007-01-22 01:45:53


i want a good tool for colour selection

2005-07-14 14:09:06

Robert Gremillion

We created a website called ( that your readers may find useful. Robert

2005-04-16 14:09:44

Vitaly Friedman

Hi, thanks for a nice article. I guess that the list "Bookmarks for web-developers" ( might be also interesting for web-designers, search for matching Color Combinations. With best regards, Vitaly Friedman,

2004-12-10 06:00:43


I find this color tool very useful because I can cut and paste codes back and forth from PhotoShop. It has as many features as the paid ones.

2004-06-04 05:42:10


I have also found these two utilities very useful: -ColorSchemer -ColorShade They are not as full-featured as the mentioned programs but they are a lot easier to use and have some very cool features.


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