How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 2




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ColorMatch Remix

ColorMatch Remix is an online color matching tool that enables you to find the perfect color match for your design works.

Simply start by clicking anywhere on the three sliders which represent the three basic RGB colors (red, green and blue). While you select the exact color you want to start from to build your palette of complementary colors, the tool will dynamically create a color scheme of matching colors. Once your color scheme is ready you can either save your palette or export it in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Price: Free. provides a web-based tool to find perfect color combination to use in the design of your web pages or for every other creative project.

You simply to have to select a color on the figure on the left of the screen and then choose the color scheme you want the tool to analyze for you: monochrome, complementary, triadic, analogous and split composition. You can also create a real-time preview that visualizes how your combination of colors works on a web page layout.

Price: Free.

Elvan Online

Elvan Online is a web-based color matching tool that you can use to quickly select harmonious colors.

Simply identify a color by adjusting the RGB sliders on top of the page and you will see appearing in real-time a set of three matching colors and suggested variations. Each color is provided with its HTML value, so you can implement it right away in your web design projects.

Price: Free.


Color4design is a professional color matching software for Windows that helps designers achieve greater levels of color harmony.

Color4design can help you pick colors from existing images, generate perfect color combinations and obtain color schemes to use in your design works.

Price: $50 (free trial available).


ColorShade is a free color matching software tool for Windows that helps you find and select perfect color combinations for your web design projects.
Once installed on your computer, ColorShade is capable of creating a harmonious color match either out of an image or from a color that you select as a starting point. The software will then analyze your selected color and provide you with a set of seven other colors that perfectly match your selection.

Price: Free.


Whatcolor is a free online tool that leverages HTML5 technology to give you an immediate visualization of matching colors that you can use in your design project.
To use te tool you have to know color notation using HEX values. Then you can simply append /a/ for analogous colors or /c/ for complementary colors to the URL of the service and then type the HEX values of your colors of preference to visualize them full-page inside your web browser .

Price: Free.


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