How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 4




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RGB Chart & Multi Tool

RGB Chart & Multi Tool is an online color schemer tool that lets you find all color combinations of a selected color your provide.
Select a color or type the HEX value and click Go. The tool will automatically generate a color chart and a list of matching colors, providing also their degree of distance from being perfectly compatible.

Price: Free.

ColorMixers ***DEAD

ColorMixers is an online color schemer tool that allows you to select matching color combinations for your web design projects.
Using the three main sliders you can adjust RGB colors for saturation and hue and have displayed in real-time a set of complementary colors along with a layout preview. You can also upload a color scheme you have previously generated and export your resulting color scheme as .AI, .ACT and .TXT file.

Price: Free.

4096 Color Wheel

4096 Color Wheel is a handy color matching tool that allows you not only to select matching color combinations, but also precise color codes that you can safely use on the web.
Use your keyboard and mouse to rotate the color wheel and pick a color, then hover with your mouse to the square on the right to adjust saturation and hue. To add a color to the swatch on the left, hit Enter on your keyboard. On the color swatch, you can compare colors and choose your perfect match.

Price: Free.

ColorMatch Remix Color Scheme Tool

ColorMatch Remix Color Scheme Tool, based on Color Match 5K, is an online color matching tool that shows nine harmonious colors that work well together, along with a preview window to see how your color scheme choices will look within a Web page.

When you have found a color combination that works, you can save / export your color schemes as Photoshop .ACT color swatch files, Illustrator .AI files, or as plain text (.TXT) files.

Price: Free.

CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer

CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer is a color matching software tool for Windows that you can use for picking colors and creating color schemes for your website.

Website Color Schemer provides a set of tools for choosing and matching colors and it also allows you to preview your tentative color schemes in a webpage mockup, so that you can test how the colors match with your website layout without making any real change to your site.

Price: $29. A free trial is available.

Just Color Picker

Just Color Picker is a free downloadable color matching tool for Windows that helps you find a specific color used inside an image and also to harmonize two colors and check if they match properly.

You simply upload an image and select precisely the pixel you want to know the color of. Once you have found the value of the color you needed, you can ask the tool to display a swatch of contrasting and similar colors.

Price: Free.


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