How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 5




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Color Matcher Tool

Color Matcher Tool is an online color matching tool that calculates how weel two colors match.

You simply digit or select the code of the specific colors you want to match and the tool will display a real-time percentual value that identifies how good the combination of the two colors is.

Price: Free.

IDEO Web Color Visualizer ***DEAD

IDEO Web Color Visualizer is a simple interactive web-based tool that will help you find matching color combinations.

You just need to click on a swatch to set the background color and then you can roll-over your mouse pointer on the other colors to see at a first glance which colors match and go well together.

Price: Free.


Coloreminder is a free online tool that you can use to find perfect-matching combinations of colors.

You can pick a color from the grid or specify the precise Hexa value color you want to match. Then choose "Many" among the variations and select "Complementary" to generate a set of matching colors.

Price: Free.

Traumwind 6-Colormatch

Traumwind 6-Colormatch is a web-based tool that anyone can use to find and select color combinations that go well together.

Just identify the HTML code of a primary color you want to use and the tool will generate a palette of colors that perfectly match.

Price: Free.

Unsafe ColorMatch

Unsafe ColorMatch is an online tool to find and select matching color combinations.

You first select a color by providing the RGB values and select the kind of lightning you want and then you generate a color palette made up by perfectly matching colors.

Price: Free.


EasyRGB is a color matching tool that allows you to harmonize different colors without downloading anything to your machine.

All you need is an HTML color code or the RGB values of a starting color you have and then the tool will associate other colors that create a perfect match so that you have a palette of colors to work with.

Price: Free.


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