How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 8




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ColorToy 2.0

ColorToy 2.0 is a Flash-based color scheme generator and picker.

ColorToy 2.0 generates complementary color schemes based on a set of color values you decide. The service also generates random color combinations if you do not have a set of colors to start with. Color values are accepted either in RGB and HEX formats.

Price: Free.

Instant Color Schemer

Instant Color Schemes is a color matching utility that provides color codes which you can use in your web design or graphic design projects.

You just choose a color combination (e.g. green apple, blue sky, cyan, etc.) and Instant Color Schemer will elaborate the results and give you a color palette of matching colors. Each color has a code you can use inside the source pages of your website.

Price: Free.


Kuler is a Flash-based theme creator from Adobe that you can use to test website color combinations.

You can use the color wheel, harmony rules, and color sliders to match your colors precisely. You can also manually input numeric values for different color models like CYMK, RGB, LAB, HSV or use hexadecimal digits. You can also create themes from images, share your creations with other users and receive feedback. Registration is needed to save your customized theme and access extra features. An Adobe AIR-based client is also available.

Price: Free.


ColorCombos is a web-based service that you can use to select and test color combinations.

The core function is the Combo Tester that allows you to see how different color combinations match on the screen.

The Combo Library is made up of different color swatches (along with their color hex values) that help you look for combination ideas.

Last, using the interactive color grabbing tool, you can submit a URL and extract a sample of the colors used on any website.

Price: Free.

Flickr Color Selectr

Flickr Color Selectr is a free service that displays a gallery of images with a specific color that are inside the CC-licensed image archive on Flickr.

You only need to choose a color from the interactive color picker, and Flickr Color Selectr automatically updates the gallery by showing you all the images that use that very color. A color can also be inserted using hexadecimal digits or a dedicated slider.

Price: Free.


ColorPix is a light Windows-only software that lets you grab the color values and screen coordinates of any pixel on your screen.

ColorPix automatically translates any screen color into RGB, HEX, HSB and CMYK color values, and comes with a zoom-able magnifier built in.

Price: Free.


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