How to Select Perfectly Matching Color Combinations - Mini-Guide, Part 9




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Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper is a downloadable software that works on Windows machines only, and that enables you to grab the HTML code for any color region of your screen.

After the installation you will see a new icon on your system tray: just click on it, hold the left key and release it when you are pointing to the color you want to grab. When you release, a little window will display the code, that will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

Price: Free.

Whats Its Color

Whats Its Color is a web service that finds complementary colors for any image you provide. Just upload an image, or find one on the web: a color combination made of the primary colors of the image will be showed along with the HTML color codes.

Whats Its Color will also give you the top ten unique colors of the image, as well as complementary and dominant colors. No registration needed.

Price: Free.


COLOURlovers is an online tool that allows you to create perfect color combinations. You can browse and search color palettes created by other users, or you can create your own: select a starting color by typing its HTML code or simply pick it on a palette, and COLOURlovers will automatically create a color scheme that you can tag and save.

You can also create palettes from a picture by inserting its URL.

Price: Free.

Color Schemer Online

Color Schemer Online is an online application for creating perfectly matching color schemes.

Just select the RGB values or HEX code of the color you want to start with, and it will immediately provide you with a perfect color scheme, with both HEX and RBG codes of the colors.

You can also lighten on darken the scheme simply by pressing a button.

Price: Free.

Color Scheme Chooser GX ***DEAD

Color Scheme Chooser GX is a easy-to-use tool that allows you to create color schemes. After you choose between a color scheme setting, just input RGB or Hex values or drag the RGB sliders to change the base color and preview the result in real-time.

When you're done, you can save your scheme to your PC.

Price: Free

Daily Color Scheme

Daily Color Scheme adds a new color scheme every day. Download, bookmark and learn about the color scheme that appears on Daily Color Scheme (being updated). You can download the scheme as Photoshop Color Table, Illustrator file, ColorSchemer Studio file, CSS (cascading style sheets) file, HTML file or a zipped file containing all formats.

Scroll down to view archived color schemes or to search for a color scheme. An RSS feed for the site is available or subscribe to receive a daily email with the color scheme of the day. For more information, check out the support forum.

Price: Free


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